Monday, March 31, 2008

On the Up and Up

The past week has been crazy. Genevieve had her appointment on Monday. She went to school Tuesday and Thursday. My husband left on Tuesday. Friday afternoon was spent out with my Mom. To top all that off, I was sick the first part of the week.

On Monday in the wee hours (before the sun came up) I woke to find myself feeling sick. I went into the bathroom, and was indeed sick. When coming back in the room, my husband asked me if I felt okay. I told him no I didn't, but no big deal. I went back to sleep and was woken up once again. I went to the bathroom, and again was sick. As I came back into the room, my husband again asked if I felt okay. I again told him no, but there was nothing he could do.

By the the time we woke up to get the kids ready for our trip to Wichita for Genevieve's appointment, I had been to the bathroom about 4 times. The last time back in the room the conversation went pretty much the same, but there was a new question asked. "Hey hun? You aren't pregnant are you?" Let me state right now just in case you are wondering the same...NO I AM NOT PREGNANT. I had the flu. I know it was the flu because not only could I not keep anything down, but I also had a fever, was achy, and many more flu like symptoms. It took me about 2 days, but I got rid of the fever, and as of today, I don't totally feel like I've been hit all over with a baseball bat. Needless to say, it was a LONG day Monday. You know I felt bad because I told my husband to skip our plans of going to Target, lunch, and the Mall. If you know me in person, you know I would never say those things unless it were bad. :)

The kids and I are adjusting to not having my husband around. On Wednesday, Genevieve said she wanted to go see Daddy. I told her we could call him when we got home, but we would have to see him another time. She didn't understand, but I don't know how much a 2 year old could understand. I know she misses him, but she is doing very well. Samuel on the other hand is not. He has started recently where he cries like crazy in the evening. I don't know why, and I don't know what is going on with him. Mom keeps saying she thinks he's trying to cut teeth, but I think he's too young for that still. He is 3 months old, and I think he's going through a growth spurt, but I never remember Genevieve being fussy during that time.

This week is more of the same for us. Genevieve will be headed to school 2 days this week, and we will be trying to work into more of a routine. I will be starting some volunteer work this week. I am going 4 hours a week to answer phones, put packets together, etc for Mom's work. That's what she asks that I do for her putting Genevieve in school two days a week. It's a pretty fair trade.

Okay, I'm off to the shower now. Both kids are quiet, and I have a hot shower calling my name. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The End of an Era

Well not really an Era, but it seems like it could be that long. We had Genevieve's last post op appointment on Monday. I was sick with the flu, and I didn't gather a lot of what was being said. All I know is they did the tests, and she came back okay. The doctor said if we think we want it, she can be seen in a year for a follow up, but it isn't necessary. He also took her off all meds. This is the first time my baby has been med free for 2 years. The other night she went to bed and the conversation between her and I went about the same as it does every night...

"Good night Genevieve. I love you." *Give hugs and kisses and cover her up*
As I leave the room
"Uhhh Momma?"
"Yes Genevieve?"
"Uhm, Drink?"
"You have one."
"Oh.....Uh Momma?"
"Yes Genevieve?"
"No Genevieve, you don't need it anymore."
"Oh....Night night."

Her "Uhhh Momma?" has become our new thing. I know she is stalling going to bed, but she will only do it once or twice before I make sure I mean business before she goes to bed. It's just so cute to hear her say it :p

An Upcoming Artist

So today when I picked Genevieve up from school, she had this in her bucket. What do you think? Could I sell it to a big gallery or something? :) When I asked her about her painting, she said she was doing circles. I guess she didn't get that down, but I guess we could call it, "Attempt at Circles."

Just a Few Pics

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Few and Far Between

So, as of lately, it seems as though my posts are few and far between. For the handful of you that may check often, I'm sorry :) The past week or two has been filled with so many things that need to happen before Tuesday. On Tuesday, my husband leaves to head down to GA. He is doing a training for a new job in the Army. I'm happy for him because the start of the school will just be more distance between now and what he was doing...recruiting.

These past weeks have been spent taking care of a sick child, getting our insurance taken care of, making sure my husband has all he needs, EFMP screenings, and a lot of other stuff. We still have one appointment for Genevieve before he leaves. I'm glad he's still going to be around, because this appointment is important in the world of the Army and Genevieve and orders. She is on our orders and things are good, but she's still in EFMP, and she doesn't need to be. For those that don't know what EFMP is, it is basically a program the military uses to screen you and make sure you don't have special needs. If you do, you are enrolled. This way if you have special needs, they can make sure to accommodate that in future moves. Because Genevieve has needed to be seen by a pediatric urologist, this put her in the "special needs" category. Her post op appointment is tomorrow, so we will be able to get her paperwork filled out and get her out of the program.

Anyway, Easter has been good to us. It was fun going out and looking for stuff for the kids this year. Samuel didn't get much in the way of treats because he is still on the milk diet. I'll eat a few M&M's for him, and he can get them that way :p We did find him a play mat though. It has the bar that goes up over him so he can bat at the toys. He's got a lot of use out of it already. Genevieve got the big prize. She got a Dora "bike" (Big Wheels). We gave it to her a few days early because the weather was so nice, and it turned cold yesterday. We wanted her to have some fun with it before her Daddy left. We are doing an egg hunt later after she gets up from her nap.

Well, I had better get on the move and get some dinner made. I thought I'd better post something before everyone thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

I HATE Moving

I don't always like to use the word hate. It always seems so strong. There are two things that I totally hate though...laundry and moving. Both seem to be never ending, and they both can take a lot of work.

We started our move process on Friday. They came out and did the inspection of our home to see just how much stuff we had. That night my Dad also came down to pack up and move our washer and dryer, freezer, and fridge. He also packed up some toys, a small table, and a few other things for the kids. It was pretty much smooth all weekend long. On Monday the crazy life of moving really took off.

Now I'm going to be perfectly clear right now. I am very thankful that the Army pays to have our stuff moved, and they pay to have movers come in a box everything up. I hate both those aspects of moving, and I am happy that there is someone who does it for me. Now, with that said, being moved this way almost seems like it is still as hard as if we were doing it ourselves. Let me explain...

If you are moving yourself, you can decide what goes into the box and what doesn't. As you pack, you can make a decision right then if you want that item, want to trash it, or if you want to donate it. You can move at your own pace, and you can keep things somewhat picked up as you go. You can pack in PJs, lounge clothes, or whatever you feel like for the day. When packing yourself you can leave the house if you need to for lunch or to take a break from it all.

Now lets say you are having movers do the work. First off you have to be up and ready for them. No PJs because I don't know about you, but I sure as heck don't think the movers want to see me in PJs. Another thing that makes moving this way so hard is having to make sure everything is put up and away that you don't want moved. If it is there, it is getting moved. This includes trash in trash cans, food in storage containers, and I have heard about ashes in an ash tray before. You also don't have the choice about where what goes. EVERYTHING goes in the box. Even if you don't want it moved, if it's there, it's moved. You also cannot leave at all when the movers are there. You can't break to get things done in town that you need to. You have to be around at all times.

Needless to say there are pro's and con's to everything. However, I will take this time to update you on the clutter I gave up for lent. This move put me over the top :) I am happy to report that we hauled off about 3 van loads and 2 car loads to the thrift store and food pantry. We also filled the trash dumpster (not just a little can) 3 times ourselves. If this isn't going through and getting rid of something, I'll never win. :p I am happy with how much went "away," and I can't wait to get our stuff in Germany and set up a new, clutter free home.

On the emotional side of moving, it was weird. My Dad is a pastor so we never stayed in one place too long. I don't really get too attached to a house. I have learned that a house doesn't make a home. A home is about who and what you have around you. Anyway, I was not sad to see the town we lived in go. We had been there for almost 2 1/2 years. That's the longest my husband and I have lived in one place. Anyway, as I was driving out of town with my van packed to the roof I felt a weird feeling. It was weird to think I'd never go back to that house. It wasn't really real that we were actually packing up and leaving. I think part of it is because of how much my husband hated his job there. I know a big part was because this was the house I had brought my babies home to. I had just started going to MOPS, and I loved that group of women. My neighbor was a wonderful woman with a great family. I had a babysitter I could trust and depend on. All these things made it a little hard to drive off and not be coming back. BUT I am happy to be moving on with life, and I'm happy about what is coming in the next year. Our family is about to embark on a huge adventure, and that is something to look forward to.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My Last Blog

I just wanted to let you all know that this will be my last blog...until I get moved. We are in the middle of our move now. Dad has come and taken the fridge, freezer, washer and dryer, and a few other things we won't need or can't take to Germany. My husband's parents are here to take away some yard stuff and a sofa. By Monday the movers will be here, and by Tuesday night, our home will be empty of everything except for stuff we are keeping here in the states.

Needless to say, our TV, Internet, and Phone are scheduled to be shut off, and we will be without all of them in the next few days. So I won't be able to blog until I get back to Kansas. So, here's to my last blog from Oklahoma. See you on the flip side! I'm sure I will have a nice long blog about our move. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spying on My Child

This week is our moving week. We set up movers to come at the end of the week to get our advanced shipment and then at the beginning of the week to get our other household goods. They came out today to look to see how much stuff we have, and they determined they could do it all on Monday and Tuesday. This works out great since everyone (my Dad and my husband's Mom and Dad) is coming to pick up things we no longer want or can't take with us, and to drop off a couple of things that need to go with us. So after the weekend is good. It is a full house with all the boxes, paper, and movers here without the extra people.

Because of all this, my parents took Genevieve home from my sister's wedding. That way she could go to "school" and be out of the way. The daycare she goes to has one of those web cam systems installed. We can log on and see what she is doing any time of the day. For the last couple of days I find myself going to watch her.

I have to say it is very interesting to see your child without you and how they act. I haven't been away from her a whole lot, and I sure haven't seen how she acts when I'm gone. I have been surprised about how well she interacts with others, naps on a cot, how much she just loves to be active. I have seen her share things with others, and I have seen her snatch another kid's cracker when they weren't looking.

Needless to say I have enjoyed spying on my child the last couple of days. It is nice to be able to see her when she is away.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Road Trip, Lost Luggage, and Down Pours

This past week I have been MIA from the blog world. My baby sister got married this past weekend in Nashville. I drove the kids up last weekend to Mom and Dad's house so we could drive with them up. Things didn't work out with my husband's leave, so we couldn't drive out together. It was a long 12 hour trip with a hotel stay in the middle. Overall things went well, and we made it in one piece. We did have to listen to Little Einsteins about a billion times, but whatever keeps Genevieve happy right?!

Mid week, my husband joined us. He flew in on Wednesday night. That day was pretty laid back. My Mom and I headed out to find a vase and an outfit for Samuel. We did find both. We headed back to Sarah's apartment just in time to load up and head to the hotel where she would be married. OH! And let me tell you about the crazy weather that day. I guess there was suppose to be very heavy rain that day off and on. The day started off really cold. It did rain that day, but the rain came down as SNOW. It was really odd. It would be like a blizzard out and two seconds later, it would be sunny.

Anyway, my husband's plane arrived about an hour late. Not only did it arrive an hour late, but also it arrived one bag short. He had no clothes when getting off the plane. We turned it in, and they said when it showed up, they would bring it to our hotel. That night came and went with no bag. We got up, and he just put on his same clothes to go to breakfast. We were talking about going to Target to get him some clothes, but something told me to check the front desk. It was there. The first thing after breakfast, he got a shower, and changed his clothes.

Saturday my sister was married. It was a beautiful service, and she was amazing. I can't believe my baby sister is married now. She is now on her honeymoon, and I wish I were with her. She is a joy to be around, and I love her very much.

We came home yesterday, and the trip home was hard. We hit really hard rain. I HATE rain. I can drive in snow, ice, wind, but rain is the worst for me. It was a long and hard trip when it hit. The rain hit us as we came in Oklahoma. We found out this morning that there were 3 tornadoes around our area last night. I'm sure glad we weren't home.

Overall, last week was a great week. I am going to add a couple of pictures. These were taken of Genevieve before our camera died. We were riding the carousal at the mall in Nashville. She was having a blast.