Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wow! This is annoying!

So I'm coming to you via a new app. My app that I loved for blogging is having issues. They said they have an update submitted, but I guess it isn't coming to the customers. What really blows is that it was a paid app. I'm hoping to be back to my old blogging place soon. Until then, I will suffer through this one.

I bet you all want to know what I've been up to. Well it has to do with the movie that is on my TV right now. The movie is called Go Potty Go! That's right, I am once again attempting to potty train my son. He refuses to do it. When I say that I really mean it. We have been making some headway recently, but boy is it slow going.

If anyone is interested, I can act out the whole movie and sing all the songs. Maybe I can start doing potty parties for kids and do my version of the video. I'm about to loose my mind either way. :)

Please pray that for the sake of my sanity, this time he decides to actually care about not peeing or pooping in his pants.