Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Pharmacy Blows!

You'd think the painful part of my day would be rehashing my entire medical history to yet another neurologist. If you have ever been to one, you probably have the same experience as I have had. You go in and spill the beans about everything you have tried, done, etc. My issues go back to 1998, so that is a lot of history. However, that part of my day wasn't the worst part. The hour drive there and hour back wasn't either. The thing that was just the turd in the punch bowl was my wait at the PX Pharmacy waiting to get my meds. Oi! I have now been here over an hour, and I'm still waiting for my number to be called the second time. The first time they called me I had to give them my prescriptions. Then came the bad news. I was to take a new number for pick up. I started out with my first at 101 and I was 118. Now I'm 196 and they are only on 186. This makes me miss my tiny little pharmacy up on the hill that makes you call in the prescriptions.

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