Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Greatness or Craziness?

I have been watching a show on Hulu (the only source of TV we have) where famous people go about tracking down people from their past. They trace either just one person or try and go back as far as they can. There are alway interesting stories about these people and where their roots are. This got me thinking, where does our family come from. I did a quick google search, and wouldn't you know there's an app for that. :p I swear there is an app for everything. Anyway, I started with the basics. I knew my parents, my hubby's parents, and most grandparents. I know my aunts and uncles, and so I simply just started to fill in the blanks. I didn't get too far, but I did find a public record showing my mom's birth, and a few social security death notices. When my hubby came in from work I started telling him that I had found this app, and I had gotten a few people put in. He then said, "you have to be careful digging up the past. You will either dig up something cool or a bunch of crap." So here is to my family tree. I know we are all a little on the nutty side, but it would be amazing to see if we are related to anyone "cool."

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